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Style Your Home with Flowers

OLIVIER GIUGNI ♦ with Sylvie Bigar
Foreword by Catherine Deneuve
Photographs by Philip Ennis

From top New York City florist Olivier Giugni—
An arresting presentation of his one-of-a-kind arrangements in sixteen stunningly diverse private homes and public spaces

“Les Fleurs c’est la Vie!” literally means “Flowers mean life” in French. This is certainly the philosophy of Olivier Giugni, the legendary floral artist and owner of the celebrated L’Olivier Floral Atelier in New York City. As he says, “Flowers hold the power to touch our hearts and convey their distinctive messages.” And fan of Olivier’s, the world famous French Actress Catherine Deneuve, in her handwritten foreword, agrees that “nothing is impossible with flowers.”

Indeed, Olivier learned this message early. As a young child, long before he knew he would spend his life surrounded by flowers, he often found himself on his grandmother terrace in Brignoles, a small village between Aix-en-Provence and St. Tropez in the South of France. There, on what could be called his first playground, he discovered the organic beauty of plants and flowers. His tasks as her assistant gardener involved watering, cleaning, and later cutting her plethora of plants and small trees. It was during this time that Olivier began to discover what would become his life’s passion.

From France to Tokyo, and eventually to the United States, Olivier honed his skills and incorporated his own positive energy and optimistic attitude into his work. And today, with two New York City floral boutiques, numerous awards, and a wonderful array of clients, Olivier continues to strive to live by nature’s most gorgeous achievements.

A true believer of the affirming power that plants and flowers have on our lives, Olivier has long felt it was important to share his passion beyond his masterful floral arrangements. That’s one of the reasons why he decided to write LIVING ART: Style Your Home with Flowers (Atria Books; $60.00; November 2, 2010), an illuminating demonstration of some his utterly original—yet accessible—work that features a wide range of stunning tableaux in the locations they were specifically designed for. From a Manhattan penthouse with a fabulous skyline view, to an upper West Side apartment, to a Hampton Bays weekend home, to the legendary Carlyle Hotel and the renowned restaurant of Chef Daniel Boulud, LIVING ART is replete with Olivier’s own brand of unique vision and style. Warmth, whimsy, and style burst from every page.

A unique and sumptuous coffee table book, LIVING ART is also a valuable source of practical advice. With respect for the roots of his trade, Olivier offers tips and advice for any person who wishes to create organic floral arrangements in their home, and proffers step-by-step instructions on how to achieve over a dozen of his own signature designs.

With LIVING ART: Style Your Home with Flowers, Olivier Giugni invites readers to share in his love of the flowers that infuse his artistic vision. A man who has made it his life to be inspired by nature, he hopes that his book will encourage people to pick up their own tools and surround themselves with nature and beauty.

LIVING ART: Style Your Home with Flowers
Olivier Giugni • with Sylvie Bigar
Foreward by Catherine Deneuve
Photographs by Philip Ennis
Published by: Atria Books / Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4391-0920-5
Pages: 288 pages
Price: $60.00 US
Pub Date: November 2, 2010