Ted Bell: Fact or Fiction?


New York Times bestselling author Ted Bell has his finger on the pulse of the world’s political climate. His blockbuster thrillers blend action and adventure with real-life topical issues that could be ripped from today’s news headlines—literally.

“Russian Troops Advance in Georgia BBC News ● 8/12/08

“Pledging to Leave Georgia, Russia Tightens Its Grip” The New York Times ● 8/18/08

“US, Allies Contemplating Action Against Russia The Associated Press ● 8/18/08

Georgia: Russia ‘Conducting Cyber War’” Telegraph.co.uk ● 8/11/08

“Oil jumps on Russia-Georgia Conflict” CNN Money ● 8/11/08

An Alex Hawke adventure that centers on the rise of a “New Russia” that will do anything to reestablish her position as a world power, Ted Bell’s latest thriller, TSAR (Atria Book; $26.95; September 23, 2008), is particularly prescient. And just as it’s about to hit bookstores, Russia is once again a hot topic in the news. In fact, its down-right frightening how much TSAR parallels real life:

Current Events

Russian troops enter Georgia over the broadening conflict over South Ossetia


Russian troops amass along the Ukrainian & Estonian borders

Current Events

The Russian military deploys several SS-21 missile launchers to South Ossetia


The president of Russia threatens to deploy cruise missiles in Kalingrad and delivers SA-15 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran

Current Events

Russia has been accused of attacking Georgian government websites in cyber warfare


A low-cost computer has been developed that contains a device that can track and kill millions of people

Current Events

Russia and Georgia’s conflict could disrupt oil supplies in the region


Russia is back on stage as a world power. Because of her vast energy holdings and the price of oil, they can shut off the flow of energy to Europe at the slightest provocation

Intrigued to learn more about the Russia that has developed under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Ted Bell did an extraordinary amount of research and spent a considerable amount of time in Russia studying its culture and its current political climate. He then took what he learned and deftly wove it into his latest adventure. But perhaps Ted Bell is too prophetic. As he wrote in a recent blog posting on Amazon.com:

“It seems to be getting harder and harder for spy thriller writers to stay ahead of the news curve. And sometimes, like now, I wish we didn't get it quite so right. I learned a lot about Vladimir Putin researching TSAR. Pray for those poor people.”

Read Ted Bell’s TSAR—it’s not only an action-packed page-turner, it’s also an insightful—and frightening—reflection of our world today…

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