Dr. Joseph Maroon Video Q&A

Dr. Maroon, what is a neurosurgeon, ironman triathlete and team
physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers doing writing a book on grapes,
wine and longevity?

How does severe calorie restriction, which has
to be a major stress on the body, increase our longevity?

Are these same scarcity or longevity genes present in other animals
beside yeast?

Can you further explain the term xenohormesis?

Why is resveratrol becoming so popular compared to the other plant
molecules you mention?

In your book you talk about resveratrol being protective in heart
disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease among others. What
evidence do we have supporting this?

Should I be on a resveratrol supplement?

Are there any safety concerns?

How much should one take?

Should I drink red wine? And How much?

Where do you see this research going?

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