Great American Taste Test

September 14TH, 2009


On September 14th, Atria Books, along with, will be conducting the Great American Taste Test using recipes from the highly talked about cookbook, AMERICA’S MOST WANTED RECIPES by Ron Douglas.

Bloggers and participating websites from all parts of the country will choose any recipe from AMERICA’S MOST WANTED RECIPES, make it and compare it to the actual restaurant dish amongst their friends and family. Once the taste test is conducted they will then blog about their experiences, all on the same day; September 14, 2009!

All participating blog posts will be linked to by!

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If you are interested in participating in this exciting event please read the guidelines below:

Guidelines for the Great American Taste Test:

  • You may choose any recipe from the book. But must also purchase the “real” restaurant dish in order to conduct the taste test.

  • Taste test can be done with anyone; friends, family or strangers if you’d prefer.

  • After the taste test is done please blog about your experience. BUT the blog cannot be posted before or after September 14, 2009. It MUST be posted on September 14, 2009.

Here's a 'taste' of just some of the fun that you'll have by participating in

Good Morning America

Wendy Williams Show

Fox & Friends

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