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 Fast Facts
·         The Last Man will be Vince’s fourteenth novel, the thirteenth featuring counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp.

·         He is a multi-time #1 New York Times bestselling author having hit the list for every book he’s ever written.  He has sold over 15 million copies of his books worldwide  (Not bad for a guy who grew up dyslexic and self published his first book, selling it himself throughout his home state of Minnesota before getting noticed by Emily Bestler).

·         Vince has fans inside the beltway and in heads of state across the world: he’s heard personally from both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush that they’re big fans, and has heard through the DC grapevine (unconfirmed) that President Obama is also a Vince Flynn reader, with his favorite being Vince’s first, Term Limits.   Central Intelligence Agency Directors and Defense Secretaries have personally told Vince that they read his books. Even King Abdullah II of Jordan (right) has hosted Vince in his palace and requests each new book for his enjoyment.

·         Known throughout the intelligence community as a novelist who at times is (as President Bush put it) “a little too accurate,” several of Vince’s books have been put on security review by the Pentagon before they could be released or have been used by Secret Service to modify protocols or identify possible lapses in their security.

·         Always prescient, the early pages of Memorial Day, which was published in 2004, describes a scenario where the Joint Special Operations Command sends a strike team over the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan to capture a high value target. It reads almost as word for word transcript of the details that have come out about the operation to kill Osama bin Laden last spring. In the book the U.S. Government does not inform the Pakistani government because they know the terrorists are in bed with their intelligence service.

·         Vince Flynn worked with producers Howard Gordon and Joel Surnow of Fox’s hit show, 24, consulting on story lines for Season 5.

·         CBS Films has optioned the rights for Flynn’s Mitch Rapp character with the intention of creating a character-based, action-thriller movie franchise. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who previously launched the Harry Potter and Matrix films as head of production at Warner Bros., and Nick Wechsler (We Own the Night, Reservation Road) will produce the films. Bruce Willis has signed onto the project.

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